Week 1 - Portrait: Self Portrait

Time to start the Dogwood 52 week photography challenge. Week 1's theme is Portrait: Self Portrait. Start things off right with a "selfie"! Explore the self timer setting on your camera.

This challenge was trickier than I thought. Shot this on a tripod and used the self-timer on my camera for a countdown. The challenging bit was getting the focus correct, so I switched to manual focus and focused on an object next to where I would be standing. Shot in RAW format and post processed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software. C&C welcome.

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Hinata is here

After a long period of saving and researching I have finally got a DSLR camera. Although at heart I consider myself a Nikonite I ended up getting a Canon camera. A Canon 100D. I name her Hinata.

But wait a Canon 100D?

Yes, because it is small and light. But why? So I can always carry it with me around. But why? Because the best camera is the one that is with you.

So what now?

I hope to continue cultivating photography as a hobby, which means shoot, shoot, shoot. I will be posting a lot on Instagram and Flickr.


For the coming year I would like to challenge myself by trying the 52 Week photography challenge by Dogwood Photography. So if you would like to follow my progress I will be posting here and on Instagram/Flickr weekly for the 52 weeks of the year.

If you would like to join me I would be happy to have some company as well as some comments & critique.

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Free Certification from Let's Encrypt

What a time to be alive! The internet is really winning. Need to setup HTTPS on your site check out letsencrypt.org. To get you started check out the getting started guide.

If you are hosted on Webfaction check out this client letsencrypt-webfaction. This should get you up and running in a very short time depending on how fast Webfaction support are. Painless I tell you.

Update Once setup on Webfaction you need to ensure all HTTP traffic is redirected to HTTPS to do this you can add the following snippet to your .htacess file.

For more info on redirecting to HTTPS see this answer on stackoverflow .

To get rid of the Webfaction site not configured error page, create a plain HTTP website that points to the desired application. In the end you will have both a HTTP and HTTPS version of the site. The HTTP version should then direct to the HTTPS site. Not too complicated right?

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