Week 5 - Landscape: Black & White

Took this picture from the rooftop of the KICC building. Pretty chill place to spend an afternoon. 28-30 floors high gives one a great overview of the city and some famous landmarks such as the Nairobi Railway Station, the Nairobi National park & the Parliament buildings.

Charges are KES 150 for residents and I think KES 400 for foreigners. The is an extra charge of KES 7,500 if you would like to take a DSLR up there as some local photographers almost turned the rooftop into a studio (bummer, my phone camera was enough). They allow one to bring snacks and other food stuffs except no alcohol.

Week 5 - Landscape: Black and White; My robi Landscape #dogwoodweek5 #dogwood52 #motog3

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Week 2 - Traditional Landscape

The week two challenge was shooting a landscape with a nice foreground and some sky. I thus took a trip to Limuru, Kenya. There I was able to visit the Kawamwaki farm. Quite an awesome view of the tea fields of Limuru await you. The Kawamwaki farm has a great nature trail where on can do bird watching or even have a picnic. They have horses on the farm so you can ride them for a fee charged hourly.

In case you need to flee the Nairobi madness I recommend it as one of the places to visit while in Limuru.

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Week 1 - Portrait: Self Portrait

Time to start the Dogwood 52 week photography challenge. Week 1's theme is Portrait: Self Portrait. Start things off right with a "selfie"! Explore the self timer setting on your camera.

This challenge was trickier than I thought. Shot this on a tripod and used the self-timer on my camera for a countdown. The challenging bit was getting the focus correct, so I switched to manual focus and focused on an object next to where I would be standing. Shot in RAW format and post processed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software. C&C welcome.

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