Week 7 - Portrait: Faceless

Tell a story without showing the face, pretty hard challenge this one. This was taken at the Waterfalls Inn in Tigoni, decent place to visit if you can overlook the KES 300 charge. There is a nice waterfall and picnic area. The place seems to be past its glory days as the restaurant wasn't open and some of the structures seem quite dated, however if you can overlook that you will be greeted by awesome views of team farms and Nairobi city in the distance.

The interesting thing about this shot is I was just about to leave, then as I sat waiting for my transport to arrive this couple just happened to be at the right place, had I not looked back I would have missed this shot. Goes to show, always look behind you there may just be a great shot there. C&C welcome.

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Week 5 - Landscape: Black & White

Took this picture from the rooftop of the KICC building. Pretty chill place to spend an afternoon. 28-30 floors high gives one a great overview of the city and some famous landmarks such as the Nairobi Railway Station, the Nairobi National park & the Parliament buildings.

Charges are KES 150 for residents and I think KES 400 for foreigners. The is an extra charge of KES 7,500 if you would like to take a DSLR up there as some local photographers almost turned the rooftop into a studio (bummer, my phone camera was enough). They allow one to bring snacks and other food stuffs except no alcohol.

Week 5 - Landscape: Black and White; My robi Landscape #dogwoodweek5 #dogwood52 #motog3

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Week 2 - Traditional Landscape

The week two challenge was shooting a landscape with a nice foreground and some sky. I thus took a trip to Limuru, Kenya. There I was able to visit the Kawamwaki farm. Quite an awesome view of the tea fields of Limuru await you. The Kawamwaki farm has a great nature trail where on can do bird watching or even have a picnic. They have horses on the farm so you can ride them for a fee charged hourly.

In case you need to flee the Nairobi madness I recommend it as one of the places to visit while in Limuru.

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