Dark Skies over Kitui

A fine opportunity to take advantage of the milky way season. It was a moonless and cloudless sky. I should have probably kept the ISO below 3200 but oh well room to improve next time. The streak of light is actually the HST in orbit

Dark skies

Technical stuff

  • ISO 3200
  • f2.8
  • 33 sec
  • 10mm Rokinon
  • Canon 100d

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Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary

A relatively unknown place along the Southern Bypass near Karen, Nairobi. This is section 1 of the forest. It is lovely place for a stroll or a picnic or bird watching. It features a small water body &lots of trees. Section 1 is completely fenced so it is relatively safe. There are basic amenities on site; Park benches, restrooms and parking space. Charges are 100 KSh.





Technical Detail

  • f8 ISO 100 1/80
  • Canon 100d/SL1
  • Rokinon 10mm

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Week 11 - Landscape Reflection

Find a way to show your landscape/natural beauty in reflection. The mirror world revealed. Went on a small walk to a water body/dam near home, this is Lower Kabete near Peponi school. Probably could have been more interesting later in the day.

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