Hiking Mt. Satima

Dragon's Teeth

After months of lock-down in the city we got a chance to explore the outdoors. We settled on hiking Mt. Satima located in the Aberdares. Mt. Satima is the third highest point in the country standing tall at 4001 m. During this unique time we had to try and do what would be a 7-8 hour hike and be back in Nairobi before the 9 pm curfew. This meant we had to start early (4 am madness eh?).

There are two ways you can hike Mt. Satima one through Wandare gate or Shamata gate. Our contact person recommended the Shamata route as it was the more scenic option albeit a bit longer. We approached Shamata gate from Nyeri and entered the park through Rhino gate. To take this route travel up to Nyeri then take the Nyeri - Nyahururu road until a few kilometres before Wiyumiririe town. The distance from Rhino gate to the starting point for the hike (Twin Rocks) is about 12 km. We picked up our guide/ranger at the KWS outpost at Rhino gate.

The costs for such a trip is (2020 rates):

  • Park fee - Ksh. 250 (current discounted rate) per person
  • Guide fee - Ksh. 3015 per group
  • Vehicle fee - Ksh. 300 per vehicle (5 seater)

Suggested plan

  • Start trip at 4.00 am
  • Arrive at Rhino gate by 8.00 am
  • Start hike by 8.30 am from Twin Rocks
  • Summit by 2 pm or stop the hike at Dragon's Teeth if you hope to make it back before 9 pm
  • Finish descent by 4 pm to start trip back to Nairobi
  • Leave park by 4.30 pm for a 4 hour trip back to Nairobi
  • Alternatively plan to spend the night around Nyeri so there will be no mad rush to beat curfew

Stuff you need

  • A change of clothes (shoes, t-shirt, trousers, socks)
  • Warm clothes for the hike as it will get cold (several layers, plus covering for the head/face, gloves)
  • Hiking boots
  • Comfortable pair of trousers (avoid jeans)
  • Athletic t-shirts (the running ones)
  • Water (2 liters)
  • Snacks (sugary stuff to keep you going, trail mix)
  • A rain jacket
  • A camera (please carry an extra card don't be like me)
  • Identification documents

Pictures from the trip

Midway our journey I realized I carried a bad memory card meaning my camera was effectively useless (don't be like me) so I had to take the trip shots using my phone. In a way this was a good thing less weight plus no constant worry about missing the shot. All these shots were captured using my trusty Pixel 3a.

Mt Satima

Stuff to note

Nothing could have prepared us for how wet the ground was we literally at one point were wading through water. Our guide who had gum boots also got wet. I think the only way to prepare for this is to have an extra change of clothes including shoes and socks. It can also get really cold so dress warm without carrying too much weight. We couldn't get to the summit so because of time constraints so keep an eye out for your timing, if you realize you are running late you can terminate the hike at Dragon's Teeth. Don't carry unnecessary weight. When planning such we tend to overestimate what we will really need, keep it simple you'll have more fun that way. Don't forget to soak in the views.

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Wild Camping in Magadi

Closing off 2019 with a trip to Magadi. Looking back over the past year it has been quite a roller coaster. Am glad how the year has turned out. We planned a quick one night camping trip that would take us through the lake and on wards toward Ewaso Nyiro river albeit we didn't know we would get that far.

I was pleasantly surprised that the road to Magadi is actually decent tarmac, although the recent rains have washed off sections of the road especially near bridges it is navigable even using a small salon car. Magadi is HOT so carry plenty of water. The town is rather small but we didn't really explore it much. Turns out Magadi town is actually an ISLAND.

Pictures from the trip.

Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi



Ewaso Nyiro River

White-throated bee-eater

Yellow-billed stork

Greater flamingo

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Dark Skies over Kitui

A fine opportunity to take advantage of the milky way season. It was a moonless and cloudless sky. I should have probably kept the ISO below 3200 but oh well room to improve next time. The streak of light is actually the HST in orbit

Dark skies

Technical stuff

  • ISO 3200
  • f2.8
  • 33 sec
  • 10mm Rokinon
  • Canon 100d

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