My name is Paul Ngumii. I am a web application developer. I currently work and live in Nairobi Kenya. I operate SimpleKraft a consultancy that provides web based solutions. I currently also work part-time for ValueEdge Limited as a web developer. ValueEdge provides web and mobile based solutions in the agricultural sector in Eastern Africa.


I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Technology from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology and have I been developing web apps and websites for various clientele since 2010. From 2012 I worked full-time at OpenWorld first as a web developer and later as lead developer before leaving in mid 2014.


As an independent consultant/contractor I have had an opportunity to work with clients such as:

  • Reelforge Systems Ltd - A media monitoring firm
  • Buyology - A mystery shopping firm
  • All and Sundry Ltd - A graphic design firm
  • EAGC - An NGO with focus on the agricultural sector
  • Solpartner - An ICT consultancy firm
  • Closet49 - A women's fashion store
  • Boilerhouse Media Limited
  • RodentKil Cleaning Company
  • Vimak - A Project Management and ICT consultancy firm
  • Ythera - A beauty products store


Some links to public facing websites that I have developed


  • PHP - including the Yii1&2, Codeigniter & Slim frameworks
  • CMSes - WordPress, Joomla
  • SQL Databases - MySQL,SQLite
  • HTML & CSS - including the Bootstrap framework
  • JavaScript - including the jQuery framework
  • Version control and CI techniques - (Git)
  • Project management - Agile techniques
  • OSes - Linux, Windows


Google Drive

Got a project you need help with contact me.


I enjoy photography, so expect to see lots of photos on this site.